The Men’s Fellowship of the Church is an integral part of the vibrant religious community in the region. Committed to fostering spiritual growth, fellowship, and service, this ministry plays a vital role in the lives of its members. The Men’s Fellowship provides a platform for men of all ages to come together, share their faith, and support one another in their journey of discipleship. Through regular meetings, Bible studies, prayer gatherings, and outreach activities, the fellowship creates an environment where men can deepen their relationship with God and build meaningful connections with fellow believers. Additionally, the Men’s Fellowship actively engages in various community service initiatives, such as organizing medical camps, supporting education for underprivileged children, and contributing to disaster relief efforts. By embracing their responsibilities as men of faith, the members of the Men’s Fellowship in the Church exemplify the values of love, compassion, and unity, making a positive impact on their communities and beyond.

TIMINGS:      10.15 AM – 11.30 AM